We would like to introduce you to our Reader.

Magus Reader.

The Infinite Reader.

Built on the proven EsEngine framework, Magus Reader is the application that provides the base for flexible eBook libraries. Available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Our Magus Reader app offers a professional reading experience. With multilingual interface, Epub2 and Epub3 support, RTL and Audio layer support, download eDRM protected books from secure cloud libraries, the ability to open local DRM-free files, and much more. 

Offering a professional reading experience with multilingual interface support, Epub2 and Epub3 support, RTL and Audio layer support, the ability to open local, DRM-free files, download eDRM protected books from our private cloud libraries, and much more.



Magus Reader has features.

Cloud Libraries
Access to paid library subscriptions Access to free cloud libraries Secure download of eBooks
Audio Books
Support for ePub3 audio-books Support for medial layer sync
Reading position
Reading position auto-save & restore. Online synchronization across multiple devices

Quite a few of them.

Notes & Highlights
Color highlights to selected text Add unlimited personal side notes Cloud sync across all your devices
File Import
Open local non-DRM books Scan and import private book folders
Multi-layer DRM for selected books Encryption per device for offline protection
Offline Reading
Books stored locally on your device. Offline reading for both free and DRM protected books


Unlimited bookmarks per book Multi-device synchronization through our CloudManager Yes, really – all the bookmarks you want
Multilingual interface Full RTL layout and page progression support
Sample Books
Try before you buy Multiple free and paid libraries to choose from

Looking for Magus Reader help?

Cloud Libraries full of books await!

We have teamed up with Professional Associations and Publishers to provide you with a selection of library subscriptions.

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