The BookReader.Club Document System

Document Control and Distribution

What is the BookReader.Club Document System all about? Read on and find out how we can get your organizational document library online in eBook format.

The Big Picture

How does this all fit together?


What all does the BookReader.Club Document System offer? Everything you need to get your document library online. And then some.

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Document Control and Distribution

Your Organizational Documents. Online. Distributed.
Our number one mission is to provide a feature rich system to distribute content. Our first passion is books, which has sparked our love of documents, and providing those documents to team members. The BookReader.Club Document System is a document controls system that provides mobile distribution in eBook format. Human Resources. Polices. Procedures. Insurance. All controlled so your team members have access to the most current and approved documents with no paper copies laying around. 

Why eBook Format for my Documents?
Flexibility. Usability. Control.  Your organizational documents are basically intellectual property. By utilizing our BookReader.Club Document System, your documents are read using our Magus Reader that allows your team members to add notes, highlight sections, and add book marks. It also provides you with the insights into who has downloaded each document, and who has removed a document from their device.

How much?  
Less than you may think. After a nominal set up fee, that includes initial document conversion, and how fast you want things up and running. From there, we have a  low user rate based on blocks of 50 users with monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. No extra charges per document or megabyte. Updates and additions are based on the Document System level you chose. For example, packages could be Basic100, Premium250, or Elite500.

Basic Premium Elite

Document Updates (Per Document)

1 per Year 4 per year Unlimited
New Documents 4 per Year 12 per Year Unlimited

Your corporate content is safe and secure.  
Only you and your teams will have access to your corporate documents. All the same full feature functionality as our eBook Libraries, your documents are not available out side of whom you specifically define. Our servers are encrypted, and the data is encrypted at rest. We have full DRM for your Documents via encrypted downloads to our Magus Reader. How cool is that?

We are here to help.

Documents are a way of life within an organization. With the BookReader.Club Document System, we can provide some relief by managing some things for you. You have a lot to do. We’re here to help.

The Big Picture

The BookReader.Club Document System combined with our Magus Reader provides a secure, flexible, and easy to use system to provide your teams access to your organization’s document Library. We provide back-end administration for conversion, uploading and managing your document library. 

Platform Features

Cloud Library

Private, secure library for your publications.


Multi-layer DRM for selected book, encrypted per device for offline protection. Social DRM for free books is also available.

Push Notifications

In-App push notifications for promotions and marketing.

Offline Reading

Books stored locally on user device, controlling distribution and enhancing DRM protection.

Audio Books

Support for Epub3 audio-books and media layer sync.


Highlight words and passages and include notes

Reading Position

Reading position in each book is auto-saved with optional online synchronization.


Unlimited bookmarks with optional multi-device online synchronization.


Epub3 support for reflowable and fixed-layout books. Including tables, side-notes (eppub2), aside notes, media layer, and javascript.


Multilingual interface with full RTL layout and page progression meta support.

Simple User ID

Authentication is through the user’s email address. Making smoother administration and happy users.


We provide metrics for subscription sales, click-throughs, book usage, and more.

Backend Administration

Your documents. Your users.
We do all the management for you as part of the BookReader.Club service.

Book Import

Open a local, non-DRM eBook, scan, and import into private user folders.

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