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Industry Knowledge

The Industry you work in is full of people like you, eager to learn, willing to teach. A wealth of books can be accessed where ever you are.

Certification Training

Industry recognition is import. Let BookReader.Club provide the access to the training you need for industry and association certification.

Compliance Guidelines

Let’s face it, regulation and compliance is an ever changing part of your work. Access to books by experts is your key to success.

Professional Libraries

BookReader.Club can provide you access to full libraries to Professional Associations with or without a membership.

Library Subscriptions

Imagine it…  An entire library in your hands. Bookmarks, highlights, quick access to knowledge to help you get ahead, to succeed, to take your organization to the next level.
New editions. New books. New Publishers. Right there for you.
Monthly or Annually; it’s up to you.

BookReader.Club Libraries

We have partnered with Professional Associations, and Publishers in providing a platform to present their works online. You gain access to the knowledge curated by those that lead the industries we live and work in.

Magus Reader

Saying ‘One App to Rule Them All’ is a little overboard, but it’s not far from the mark. Our Magus Reader provides you secure access to all of our partner libraries, on all your mobile devices.

Our Partner Libraries

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Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) is a key element in perpetuating success throughout the healthcare industry. Whether you’re an MGMA member to advance your personal goals or your professional career, we invite you to subscribe to to our curated online library.

New Partner Coming Soon

BookReader.Club is continually working with associations and publishers to bring more libraries online.

Demo Library

An example branded client subscription site. Complete with a demo library.