The BookReader.Club eBook Library System

An Introduction

What is BookReader.Club all about? Read on and find out how we can get your eBook library online.

Gray Label Service

Your own full cloud based eBook library system, without atll the full cloud based eBook library system overhead and costs.

The Big Picture

Branded storefront. Your Library. BookReader.Club Cloud Manager. Magus Reader. Happy reader.


What all does BookReader.Club offer? Everything you need to get your eBook library online. And then some.

Contact Us

Drop us a line. We’ll answer your questions, and work with you to get you eBook library online.

An Introduction

Your Library.  Online.
That is our number one mission. We love books, and we know readers love books. Getting your library available as a subscription to your current reader base, as well as expanding that reader base to our other partners is big part of that mission. Growth. Recurring Revenue. Buzzwords we all like to hear – and the BookReader.Club platform is how we can be part of that, with you.

More than a way to sell eBooks.
We’re here to offer your entire library as a subscription. Monthly. Annually. We are here to help you manage that library. We work with you to ensure your eBooks are ready, get them loaded into our private Cloud Manager into your private library. While we’re doing that, we’ll get you set up with a branded store front for your library. 

Here to help.
As much “hands-on” as you want to be. It’s your library. Our Platform. Already, a great match.

How much? 
Less than you may think. After a nominal set up fee – hey, our technology partners need to eat too – which will vary based on how customized you want things, how much help you need getting set up, and how fast you want things up and running. From there, we have a flat low rate – if you have one subscription or a thousand.  Not per book. Not per megabyte. No sliding scale. The same low rate.

Your content is safe.  
Our servers are encrypted, and the data is encrypted at rest. We have full DRM for your eBooks via encrypted downloads to our Magus Reader. How cool is that?

Gray Label Service

What is Gray Label Service?  It is a model that our technology partner coined and implemented. We think it’s a grand idea – your library is identified with BookReader.Club and our secure, flexible, and robust eBook cloud library management and you keep your organization’s identity along the way.

Your library will be available to EVERY USER on our platform. All of them. Instant cross marketing to an extensive subscriber base. 

Why would you go Gray Label?

  • Your catalog ranges from a dozen to a several hundred titles.
  • You don’t have the internal resources for a full, manage-everything-yourself, online eBook library management system.
  • You want join in with other publishers for greater market exposure, which results in increased cash-flow.
  • Face it, you really don’t want to go this alone.

The Big Picture

The BookReader.Club platform, combined with our Magus Reader provides a secure, flexible, and easy to use system to provide users with access to your entire library of eBooks. We handle setting up a landing page to sell your subscriptions, and provide back-end administration for uploading and managing your library. Think of our platform as your “gray label” eBook platform – Your library shop still retains your identity, and at the same time you are part of the BookReader.Club library subscriptions being able to offer your content to a wider audience. 

Library System Features

Cloud Library

Private, secure library for your publications.


Multi-layer DRM for selected book, encrypted per device for offline protection. Social DRM for free books is also available.

Recurring Revenue

Monthly or Annual subscription to your library provides dependable cashflow.


Available OPDS inteface for publishing your catalogs to other reading apps.

Audio Books

Support for Epub3 audio-books and media layer sync.

Print Copy Linking

Additional sales through product linking.

Push Notifications

In-App push notifications for promotions and marketing.

Offline Reading

Books stored locally on user device, controlling distribution and enhancing DRM protection.


Epub3 support for reflowable and fixed-layout books. Including tables, side-notes (eppub2), aside notes, media layer, and javascript.


Multilingual interface with full RTL layout and page progression meta support.

Free Books

Access to free books from open OPDS catalogs on the internet via our Magus Reader.

Branded Storefront

As part of the BookReader.Club platform, we provide you with a storefront for your Library subscriptions.

Reading Position

Reading position in each book is auto-saved on each device.


Unlimited bookmarks with optional multi-device online synchronization.

Book Import

Open a local, non-DRM eBook, scan, and import into private user folders.

Simple User ID

Authentication is through the user’s email address. Making smoother administration and happy users.


We provide metrics for subscription sales, click-throughs, book usage, and more.

Backend Administration

You create the content, we assist in conversion, load it up and set up your Library subscriptions for you.

Contact us to get your Library online